Tuesday, May 15, 2018


This artwork was loosely inspired by my experience visiting a wedding exhibition with my friend, Sita. We initially went to a mall to spend some coupon at a newly-opened burger franchise. No one between us knew the mall held a grand exhibition of wedding facilities. We decided to go to the burger restaurant first.

At the wedding exhibition, we saw around twenty company booths included hotels, designer ateliers, photography studios, and honeymoon traveling bureaus. Almost every booth displayed wedding gowns and nice furniture.

At one booth which we did not know which company had, there was a beautiful dress that was not as glamorous as others, yet it attracted me and Sita. It had long transparent loose sleeves and the upper and skirt parts were basically formed by layered tulle clothes. Its outer color was pink, but we could see the materials were pink and pale blue, so it gave a soft purple nuance. There were fake flowers at any sizes attached to the dress, mostly around the diagonal part of the front side.

I and Sita were overwhelmed by the dress since it was almost effortlessly beautiful. It might not suitable worn by a bride, but it's still gorgeous to wear to special occasions. Sadly we did not know who was the designer or what atelier it was in. I even tried to search it on social medias only to find out that the place for the dress was belonged to "display area" without any company name.

Monday, May 14, 2018


Consciousness is not always related to opened eyes or clearer hearing. In fact, it depends on what state your brain at. To be conscious is not always be seen by people, same goes with the brain that can not be seen easily without equipment.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Imagination Inflation

Do you like to imagine some scene over and over? I like to, just for fun. Mine are not even close to a false memory though, but I found something on Wikipedia that is close to what I need to dramatize imagination. It's imagination inflation, a repetitive imagination that leads a person to a false memory.

My favorite kind of imagination is an accidental meeting of two people at random places out of their schedules. When it comes to imagining, what is your favorite scene?

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Comifuro X (2018)

Oops, there is almost no post this month! Okay let me share my experience joining a fanart bazaar for the first time.

My childhood friend, Anchan, asked me to give a shot to join Comifuro at Jakarta. It was planned on late 2016, which means two years ago. Comifuro is an otaku bazaar and some people believe that it is dominated with fanarts. We also dragged another childhood friend, but she couldn't stay long and decided to support us from afar starting from mid 2017.

Our plan was to join Comifuro that was held later on 2016, but we ran out of time to prepare everything. On early 2017 we missed a chance to participate in Comifuro. We didn't expect that the upcoming Comifuro would be that soon.

Around late 2017 we had been changing plans. Anchan once wanted to join other Japan-themed bazaar at my city but she couldn't make it. Another Comifuro was held again, which then made us realize thet the event is held twice a year, and we missed it again.

Until I said to myself and Anchan that this year should be our year.

Short story I finally met Anchan at Jakarta and we did the event with much help from bunch of good samaritans. The sale wasn't like our expectation though, and it went the same to the people helping us. They said this time's Comifuro was giving different result compared with the previous ones. Eventhough, I didn't regret my trip. I earned new experiences that I will treasure forever!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Spending some morning to brisk-walk before my rush hour begins is good to my brain cell's oxygen regulation. I have so many new concepts for my next, next, next artwork. It's good for killing the past.

Delusion is a fruit of my brisk-walking time. It's not something melancholy, though. Okay, maybe a little. It is about getting new inspiration between my busy days. Getting a little escape like what I do every weekends. I feel like diving to nonexistent world. I think it's good to run a mind like that.


On 3-4 March 2018 I will join a pop culture bazaar. I will sell Beby and Melody fanarts under Amachuure (my art group), joining other group's booth there. If you have a chance, visit us!

La Dame et Les Fleurs

There was only one person who notice of whom I painted based on. It was a fan of Beby just like me, but he is much younger than me. He caught the glimpse of Beby's facial features here and he's not wrong. I tried to paint Beby by memory.

I didn't aim high, though. If it wouldn't turn out to be Beby fan art, I would twist it to be another mere "painting with a woman in it". I just wanted to practice realistic painting. 😊

Oh, I can't speak French. Google Translate helped me to put on its title.

Thursday, February 22, 2018


There are many trees and rice fields by the sides of my brisk walking track. The trees are mostly melanding or some people call them petai cina, but there are also putri malu (literally shy princess), scientifically known as Mimosa pudica. Common Mimosa pudica I had met before would be only as tall as my ankle from ground, but these ones can grow up to my height. Now that is a human size princess!

Kamu Sungguh Tidak Terdeteksi!

By the time I paint this, Beby JKT48 just uploaded her cute self photograph and I couldn't help myself. Beby rarely put her picture online, except her JKT48-related. Her cuteness is irresistible here.

Di Bawah Sinar Bulan Purnama

Talent-searching show is not my kind of show, except akademi Fantasi Indosiar 1, 2, 3 that aired more than a decade ago. So when there was The Voice Kids Indonesia season 2, I was not paying that much attention.

The TV was on when it showed a re-run of the show. A girl in a white dress named Rafa started to sing a beautiful song which I knew later was a soundtrack of movie Pengabdi Setan. She sang Di Wajahmu Kulihat Bulan passionately until the song ended. Then the host asked her to sing another song in their short interview session.

The second song she sang was a kroncong song; an old genre of Indonesian music that is rarely heard in this era. Then the original singer, Sundari Soekotjo, appeared and they sang together. Rafa's stage appearance inspired me to make this painting.

It made me curious about kroncong song since I heard that Rafa is a big fan of Sundari Soekotjo. It turned out that her songs generally speaking of panoramic view, and it is kind of giving me an image of a peaceful living after a country achieved its freedom.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

In Memory of Helena

I love My Chemical Romance. The first time I saw them was on an afternoon, on TV. I was in my teenage, in my eighth or ninth year of school. That time, it was Helena that I watched. I might lost the first seconds of the video but I still caught the part "Long ago...." And my love for them started.

It's a bit difficult to meet other fan of them till I found one at university. He encouraged me once or twice to make an artwork of MCR, but I had never done it. Nobody knows how doubtful I am whenever I have to draw them. Not even him.

Now that I have some confidence to do it, the result gives me mixed feeling. I'm stuck between "Finally I did it!" and "Finally... did I do it right?" I think I used too much power when striking the pen...


The reason of why I painted this was because of a dream that occurred two nights in a row. The dream was showing somebody unexpected (well, brain just did it), and we were talking in a clean, modern building (like office) with brown interior. We talked about something heavy but I'm sure it's not important.

We rarely meet in real life, let alone communicate frequently. It would be an odd surprise for us if anyone just come straight to us and say, "I saw you in my dream again last night," right?

Rona/Ayen JKT48

Another member of JKT48 that I mostly put my eyes on is Rona aka Ayen. She is currently in Team K3, along with my oshimen, Beby.

I still remember the first day I recognize Ayen. It was on TV where JKT48 aired their concert. She was wearing K3 uniform singing 1! 2! 3! 4! Yoroshiku, standing somewhat near the center. That time I was worried, "She is so bubbly. More like a popcorn or rubber ball. Doesn't she get tired of her movements?" But she looked so refreshing after all those bubbly movements, and it left me feel glad.

And the next day I found myself searching for information of her. 😁

Farewell Speech

It's related to Melody JKT48. She is one of the first generation members of JKT48. Among the others, people can easily recognize her since she frequently stand as the center.

As the "everlasting center", it's common for the audience to see her performing in almost every song. In Request Hour 2017 show, she sang many songs, as people thought. But the only uncommon thing was at the end of the show, she announced that she had decided to graduate from the group that had been her home for six years. The show was aired online.

People started to take her "picture" by pausing the video and shot the screen, they sent wishes to her and their shockness as well as their disbelief. I was also shock and sad, knowing that the amount of first members of JKT48 gradually decreasing.

Melody will be showing her last stage on March 24 2018. So long, Melody.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


I made this in September 2017, and it was something that I really want to sell as my first painting. But, you know, I kept second-guessing myself until I lose my confidence to sell it. There must be a flock of better and real artists out there, right? Moreover, this painting is so small that I think people would feel better to display their self pictures instead of this.

And there are a lot more reasons not to sell it as a painting....


we've been sitting together,
yet we didn't chat together.

until he moved.
and never be seen anymore.


Now that I have two jobs, weekend and other spare times felt much more precious to me than when I was in school and university. It would be greater when I have ideas for my artwork. This piece is exactly depicting what is going on in my mind on weekends under this formula:

Spare time+ Ideas

This piece is colored with Zebra Rocketeer, which are highlighters. The outline is done with Zebra Penciltic (old habit hahah).

Diriku mungkin, mungkin, mungkin... Setidaknya tengok dan lihat ke sini.

This is the second time I draw and paint Beby JKT48. The reference was her photograph in her Instagram page. I realized that she likes conventional style. Sometimes she likes to wear sporty style as well, and both of them suit her well.

Beby always looks mature whether from her looks or her way of speaking. As for her way of speaking, I knew this when we were taking our picture together. Even though she is seven years younger than me, it feels like I'm her little sister.

Thursday, January 25, 2018


Something I made in September 2017, when I didn't know that my polish remover could solve my solidified paint.