Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Imagination Inflation

Do you like to imagine some scene over and over? I like to, just for fun. Mine are not even close to a false memory though, but I found something on Wikipedia that is close to what I need to dramatize imagination. It's imagination inflation, a repetitive imagination that leads a person to a false memory.

My favorite kind of imagination is an accidental meeting of two people at random places out of their schedules. When it comes to imagining, what is your favorite scene?

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Comifuro X (2018)

Oops, there is almost no post this month! Okay let me share my experience joining a fanart bazaar for the first time.

My childhood friend, Anchan, asked me to give a shot to join Comifuro at Jakarta. It was planned on late 2016, which means two years ago. Comifuro is an otaku bazaar and some people believe that it is dominated with fanarts. We also dragged another childhood friend, but she couldn't stay long and decided to support us from afar starting from mid 2017.

Our plan was to join Comifuro that was held later on 2016, but we ran out of time to prepare everything. On early 2017 we missed a chance to participate in Comifuro. We didn't expect that the upcoming Comifuro would be that soon.

Around late 2017 we had been changing plans. Anchan once wanted to join other Japan-themed bazaar at my city but she couldn't make it. Another Comifuro was held again, which then made us realize thet the event is held twice a year, and we missed it again.

Until I said to myself and Anchan that this year should be our year.

Short story I finally met Anchan at Jakarta and we did the event with much help from bunch of good samaritans. The sale wasn't like our expectation though, and it went the same to the people helping us. They said this time's Comifuro was giving different result compared with the previous ones. Eventhough, I didn't regret my trip. I earned new experiences that I will treasure forever!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Spending some morning to brisk-walk before my rush hour begins is good to my brain cell's oxygen regulation. I have so many new concepts for my next, next, next artwork. It's good for killing the past.

Delusion is a fruit of my brisk-walking time. It's not something melancholy, though. Okay, maybe a little. It is about getting new inspiration between my busy days. Getting a little escape like what I do every weekends. I feel like diving to nonexistent world. I think it's good to run a mind like that.


On 3-4 March 2018 I will join a pop culture bazaar. I will sell Beby and Melody fanarts under Amachuure (my art group), joining other group's booth there. If you have a chance, visit us!

La Dame et Les Fleurs

There was only one person who notice of whom I painted based on. It was a fan of Beby just like me, but he is much younger than me. He caught the glimpse of Beby's facial features here and he's not wrong. I tried to paint Beby by memory.

I didn't aim high, though. If it wouldn't turn out to be Beby fan art, I would twist it to be another mere "painting with a woman in it". I just wanted to practice realistic painting. 😊

Oh, I can't speak French. Google Translate helped me to put on its title.